A Birthday!

So the 8th of January is my good friend’s birthday. As a skint student post Christmas I’m just a wee bit short on cash at the moment, so my obvious idea for his birthday present was a piece of my artwork.

What though?

At first, I wanted to do an ink drawing of his cat (like the ones that you can view  here: https://erinbarkerart.co.uk/sketchbook-work/ ). This didn’t seem right for him though. I considered doing a double portrait of him and his girlfriend (who is also my best friend), but in the end I decided to one of just her.

Although at first I wanted to do an acrylic or ink painting, I decided to use this as an opportunity to use a medium that I haven’t used in quite some time- pencils.

So- the result! I really love this piece, I think she looks like a phoenix or a fiery, powerful goddess. He (and his mum) love it, and his cat didn’t seem too concerned (she was enjoying being petted by me).

Drawn for a friend's birthday present in pencil