Greetings! Welcome artists, art lovers and anyone else who may have found themselves on my site.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my Christmas holidays, although I’m heading back up to Dundee at the weekend.

My project at the moment is inspired by Professor James Paris Duguid. He was a professor at both University of Dundee and St Andrews University. He also discovered how penicillin actually worked, although originally the credit for that was given to a group of American scientists.

I find that aspect of his life interesting, however I don’t want to create something based on someone else taking credit for what he found. I’ve always been interested in biology (I used to want to be a vet), so I want to look into the actual biology side. I’ve been looking at microscopic views of penicillin, and the blue mould from which it is found, and staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria, the bacteria the penicillin fights. They are all quite beautiful if I’m honest.

I’m currently attempting to create a “petri dish” (a sterilised tupperware tub with agar jelly in it) in which I can grow blue mould and other bacteria, so that I would have my own version of the experiments.

Unfortunately, I’ve never actually prepared a petri dish (the science tech in school did that), and I’ve not used a petri dish since I was 16. Or 15. Not since 2013. So I’m going to be having a bit of trial and error for the next few weeks but EVENTUALLY, I will make it work.